martedì 6 aprile 2021


I can finally release all the packages since are ready and stable. I have tested them many times in body count mode and have never had any problems and everithing is smooth (I didn't try with ETL).
I touched everything possible from a graphical point of view (since I cannot touch the code) but obviously all the content is far from being finished and can be greatly improved.
In my opinion it is a good starting point to which to add the contribution of all those who want to improve or change True Combat Elite.
There will probably make a more precise tuning for lots of stuff (I mean touching .gear & .weap & .specs) since i'm not a weapons expert. For example there are various type of flash and probably need to be better "binded" to the proper weapon.  
I maded also some animations for 3rd pov players. Currently are used only knife and grenade animation.

This is a video where you can see the final result:

True Combat Elite 2020 Gameplay 20210406

If you want to try them, the files can be downloaded here:

-  z_tce_players_20210406.pk3 (this can be used without others packages)
3rd pov player body models + textures
3rd pov head models + textures + animations

-  z_tce_players_animations_20210406.pk3
3rd pov player animations (added some custom animation but all are in "work in progress", just used the new one for knife and granate)

-  z_tce_viewarms_20210406.pk3
1st pov arms models + textures + animations

-  z_tce_weapons_20210406.pk3 (contents maded by various authors)
1st & 3rd pov weapons models + textures

z_tce_weapons_yyyymmdd.pk3 it is a package that mainly contains cqb weapons coming from variuos authors that I chose for their excellent quality. For this reason the number of weapons is limited but still they are enough to guarantee a fun choice
I tried to do some cleanup by exporting models and trying to use a standard for naming file to make it easier for anyone to add weapons in the future.

Since a few things changed including name and the position of the tags it is not possible to use the old weapons without making the appropriate changes.
The main tag is no longer in an unspecified place in the middle of the weapon but is positioned in the middle of the handle at the height of the trigger to facilitate the positioning of the new weapons and the tuning of the aim.
Each accessory has its own tag and we have:
tag_suppr -> suppressor
tag_fgrip -> forward grip
tag_clip -> clip
tag_clip2 -> clip
tag_slide -> slide
tag_sight -> sight
tag_brass -> brass
tag_flash -> flash

To install it is sufficient to copy the packages in the tcetest directory of your tce installation (for example C:\ET\tcetest\).
I would not like to participate to a zzzz name prepend race ... please be sure that the packages are the last loaded or that their content is not overwritten by others.
You can sort the files in the \tcetest directory by name and check that they are the latest or check the list of loaded pk3s when loading the game.
In my case I read this in the log when the game start:

MAIN log
723744 MAIN memory in 239 blocks
718964 MAIN memory overhead

56624 SMALL memory in 1519 blocks
26244 SMALL memory overhead
Current search path:
C:\ET\tcetest\z_tce_weapons_20210322.pk3 (1328 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\z_tce_viewarms_20210321.pk3 (229 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\z_tce_players_animations_20210318.pk3 (43 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\z_tce_players_20210320.pk3 (1216 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak5_z.pk3 (4 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak4.pk3 (113 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak3.pk3 (411 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak2.pk3 (2066 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak1.pk3 (1869 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\pak0.pk3 (728 files)
C:\ET\tcetest\mp_bin.pk3 (6 files)
C:\ET\etmain\pak2.pk3 (22 files)
C:\ET\etmain\pak1.pk3 (10 files)
C:\ET\etmain\pak0.pk3 (3725 files)
C:\ET\etmain\mp_bin.pk3 (6 files)

handle 1: etconsole.log
23552 files in pk3 files
------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: tcetest
gamedate: Dec 20 2006
Gametype changed, clearing session data.
Enable spawning!
Disable spawning!
0 teams with 0 entities

If you want to try them in a local multiplayer game against bots, you need to use the options set sv_pure 0, set sv_official 0, set dedicated 0, set sv_punkbuster 0.
This for example is my link to start the server locally:
"C:\ET\et.exe +set fs_game tcetest +set com_hunkMegs 256 +set com_zonemegs 64 +set com_soundmegs 64 +set r_maxpolyverts 16384 +set set r_maxpolys 4096 +set sv_pure 0 +set sv_official 0 +set dedicated 0 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +exec serverDEV.cfg"

I have tried the packages also on CQB but need some minor corrections to work properly (for example must use md3_headwear, some change on weapons with acog and 3rd pov animations).

domenica 14 marzo 2021

Weapon Flash

Just improving everything possible... Now I've focused on weapon flashes which never seemed realistic to me. Normally the intensity depends on many factors first of all the ambient brightness, but in any case if the flash appears you cannot see through and it's not so semi-transparent.
In addition to changing some models of the flashes to give more volume, I worked on the shaders by making 4 different images for each type of flash used with animMap feature in order to give variations to the shape and color and I also added a random element with the "rgbGen wave noise" option.
By doing so it is also possible to do a tuning of the intensity by simply acting on the first parameter of the rgbGen command of the shader

This is an example:
    sort additive
    cull disable
        animMap 8 models/weapons2/flash/flash_generic_03_01.tga models/weapons2/flash/flash_generic_03_02.tga models/weapons2/flash/flash_generic_03_03.tga models/weapons2/flash/flash_generic_03_04.tga
        blendfunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
        rgbGen wave noise 0.65 0.25 0 0.5

I think I'm close to good results and if nothing else they are definitely scenic if not realistic.

I am also doing some animations for 3rd pov players so that there is a minimum of congruency.
Once these tasks are completed I will release all packages. It is useless to keep adding changes because now I can't check by myself if there are any problems.
I have checked so many times that I'm no longer able to see mistakes and errors even if they are obvious and I have them in front of my eyes ...

Probably, to allow updates more easily, there will be four packages:

- z_tce_players_yyyymmdd.pk3
3rd pov player body models + textures
3rd pov head models + textures + animations

- z_tce_players_animations_yyyymmdd.pk3
3rd pov player animations

- z_tce_viewarms_yyyymmdd.pk3
1st pov arms models + textures + animations

- z_tce_weapons_yyyymmdd.pk3 (contents maded by various authors)
1st & 3rd pov weapons models + textures

venerdì 19 febbraio 2021

Zombie Mod?

I'm really tweaking and improving lots of things. I revised the face textures using real photos as a basis. I changed them considerably by adding detail and it seems to me that I have achieved a good result.
I increased the detail and contrast because the textures in the game are a little flattened (also for camouflage and equipment).
I am also doing some practice with shaders and I started to understand and manipulate them better also because I am using the Q3ase shader editor program.
I made some additional environment textures specific for metallic reflections to improve the effect of the specular maps but I'm not sure can notice the differences.
I am undecided whether to use the specular maps in the shaders for the weapons models in 3rd pov because I am not sure they are visible.
These days I did some experiments to see if it was possible to do a zombie-mod without touching the code. It would be a very fun option in my opinion also to change a little ...
A simplified version with for example the red (axis) team with the look of Zombie but armed is probably feasible without code changes.
For a "pure" version with zombies without weapons and with custom animations I think it can be done but need some touch at least to the ET / ETL code.
The idea would be to use bots only for team axis as zombies with no weapon supplied (if possible) or even with only the knife (the knife mesh for the axis team would then be replaceable with a null object).
At the moment, however, using only the .gear file does not seem possible.
In any case, a "knife only" function should also be enabled but only for the axis team.
Customizing the animations with walk & run & zombie attack would not be a problem but an additional "team" condition should still be added in the human_base.script animation file (in addition to those already present "state description", "movement type", "condition type" and "condition value") or have two separate files (something as human_axis_base.script and human_allies_base.script).
A new "team" condition would also be very interesting to customize the animations based on the team they belong to. Maybe it would also decrease the teamkills since you would have an extra detail to recognize the opponents.

domenica 17 gennaio 2021

IFAK and Gloves

I made a new UV map of the 1st pov hands and a pair of new gloves that look much better to me and probably you can understand which models I was inspired by.
Now I have to align and synchronize everything with 3rd pov player's hands.
I also made a new, more realistic medkit (ifak) and fix some errors on the blood textures.

I wanted to write a couple of notes about the weapons used. I currently use 18 out of 20 slots (two slots are reserved for bolt action weapons) and there are a few things I discovered:
// SH3 -> force empty reload even is not the last shot (hardcoded)
// SH4 -> force empty reload even is not the last shot (hardcoded)
// SH6 -> force the wapon as primary (hardcoded)
// SH7 -> force the wapon as primary (hardcoded)
// TH15 -> force bolt action weapon behavior (hardcoded)

The CQB weapons I am using in TCE are more detailed and seem to be handled without problems. To get a rough idea an ak47 1st pov without accessories has 6167 tris and 3704 verts while a lowpoly ak47 3rd pov has 826 tris of and 527 verts.
I made some important changes that involve the weapons that will eventually be added.
The main tag is no longer in an unspecified place in the middle of the weapon but is positioned in the middle of the handle at the height of the trigger to facilitate the positioning of the new weapons and the tuning of the aim.
Each accessory has its own tag and we have:
tag_suppr -> suppressor
tag_fgrip -> forward grip
tag_clip -> clip
tag_clip2 -> clip
tag_slide -> slide
tag_sight -> sight
tag_brass -> brass
tag_flash -> flash

There is the usual problem with the maximum memory budget for arms animations (there is a maximum limit of total "verts positions" that I have yet to calculate) and I am thinking of not use the akimbo that weigh a lot of memory and carry on other animations first (... machine pistols).

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2020

Sanrenmu 6050 LUF-PH-T4

This is the knife / multitool that I most use in urban environment. The steel is not the best (8Cr14MoV) but it's made for occasional use and is not designed for heavy work.
A very interesting feature is the liner lock type blade locking system which works very well. The blade opens and closes easily and there are numerous functions including a small light torch with a single led (which does not like water...). The functions (10 in total) that I have used most are the blade, the screwdriver, the carabiner, the bottle opener. Comes very sharp but you have to sharpen it often if used intensively.
Absolutely recommended and the cost-performance ratio is excellent (although it now costs 35% more than when I bought it...).

Cross screwdriver
Belt Cutter
Hex wrench
Wire Stripper
Led light
Bottle Opener
Glass Breaker
(... but not a flat screwdriver ! ...)

Type: Folder knife
Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV
Blade Length: 4.6cm
Blade Width : 2.3cm
Unfold Length: 14.4cm
Fold Length: 9.4cm
Blade steel: 8Cr14Mov stainless steel
Product weight: 74g

venerdì 11 dicembre 2020

Akimbo Issue

I took a step back to modify and improve the uv map of the hands and I'm trying to improve the textures using real photographs of tactical gloves. It was important since the hands are always on first/top view.

I have completed the animation for the Akimbo but there is a big problem. I afraid that the True Combat Elite code for Akimbo has not been completed.  Unlike the other weapons the setting in the .specs file "usesWolfAnim 0" is ignored and the animations of the arms are not shown (only frame 0 is considered).

The only possibility I have seems to to make it all again and adopting the original akimbo animation of Enemy Territory. The original system is very, very, very limited as the arms and hands are actually static meshes without any deformation (as if they were the components of a weapon). The Enemy Territory arms animations is done exclusively by moving and rotating the tags to which the arms are linked.

venerdì 4 dicembre 2020

EKA CordBlade W9

Since man does not live on bit (0/1) alone ... a small reviews of the knive I bought and which I use.

This is the first skeleton type knife I bought. It's an excellent blade maded with an excellent steel and keeps the sharpness long.
I felt very comfortable and the handle is comfortable for my hand (medium size hands).
The length is adequate for its use and the weight is minimal (clearly not suitable for chopping).
Excellent material of the sheath (Kydex) with the bottom hole to let the water flow.
The extraction is not easy (it's necessary help yourself with the paracord lanyard) and hindered by the belt clip which would be better to replace or reverse as position.
The jimping are good, not agressive and right for a solid grip with and without gloves. The handle comes with two (low quality IMO) paracord rescue orange and black.
The spine of the knife is rounded, for someone it's a good but I personally disagree. A 90° sharp spine is really useful.
In general, the judgment is really good. Recommended.

EKA CordBlade W9
Type: Full-Tang
Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27 (HRC 57-59)
Blade length:     95 mm
Blade thickness:     4 mm
Total length:     210 mm
Weight:     100 g
Paracord wrapped handle (orange/black)
Kydex sheath with removable belt clip